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    G.M.I. Timber & Machinery (Liaoning) Limited is a member of the “G.M.I. International” organization, headquartered in Hong Kong, China. We have been actively engaged in the timber drying field since 1982, and have been producing timber drying kilns at our facilities in Liaoning Province, in northern China since 1991.
    Presently, we are the licensed manufacturer in Asia for O.S. Panto S.R.L. of San Polo di Piave, Italy, and WDE-Maspell S.R.L. of Terni, Italy, both of which are world leaders in their respective kiln-drying fields. In addition, we are also the designated manufacturer and agent in Asia for Sesione International Limited of Dover, Delaware, in the U.S. and MWVD of Moscow, Russia....